I still can’t believe all the money I wasted on trial and error concepts prior to implementing Refine.

Since Acquiring Refine, I’ve doubled the content, and I just keep adding.

When I discovered Refine, I remember thinking, “I just wasted 3 years of my life trying and failing to build out a system and a process. But with the click of a dang button, I got it all delivered to my inbox….”

So naturally, I took a moment of silence to grieve the lost time, and then I jumped into grind mode.

Before owning Refine Myself, it gave me my life back.  That's why I believe in its impact so strongly.

Refine Template Kits

• You never have enough time
• You have written that email 100 times
• Or your clients...
     • Email you too much
     • Don’t listen or go MIA
     • Have unrealistic expectations
     • Take more of your time than they're contracted to take

• You never have enough time
• You have written that email 100        times
• Or your clients...
     • Email you too much
     • Don’t listen or go MIA
     • Have unrealistic expectations
     • Take more of your time than             they're contracted to take

You might need boundaries, workflow and a system if:

• Automate - saving time
• Create Balance - by YOUR definition, gaining your freedom
• Communicate Expectations - gaining boundaries
• Be Transparent - producing accountability
• CYA - covering.your.ass
• Expand - growing your team, adding services, entering new    markets
• Create An Exit Strategy - when you’re done, you’re done -      and your biz will be organized for a sale

• Automate - saving time
• Create Balance - by YOUR                definition, gaining your freedom
• Communicate Expectations -
  gaining boundaries
• Be Transparent - producing              accountability
• CYA - covering.your.ass
• Expand - growing your team,
  adding services, entering new            markets
• Create An Exit Strategy - when          you’re done, you’re done - and
  your biz will be organized for a sale

They're created to aid you in developing a system and process to help:

How the Refine Shop can help

And when clients see your value, it puts money in your pocket!

Our clients have educational and emotional needs, and depend on us to model organization and project their needs. Boundaries and systems help clients to know what to expect, to know their job vs your job, to know what is realistic, and to understand your value!

Empower your client relationships and business to thrive by having systems and boundaries in place.


What would it look like if you were the thought leader in your local market? What if people came to you for everything? With the Education Kit, you’ll stand out among the others.

This kit comes with 261 topics you can use to educate your clients. These ideas can be used for blogs, YouTube, IG Stories, IG TV, social media captions or even information for your welcome kit! Your SEO isn’t going to grow itself. But your education will. Become the subject matter expert that converts.

Because let’s be honest, more clients means more tacos and tequila. Ammi right?

In the Refine Planning Portal, I integrated my Wedding Planning Process Kit into Google Drive to build a CRM for planning weddings with your clients. All of my Wedding Planning Process Kit documents are not only in the portal, but they are formatted and organized for optimal use.

Why would I break up with a big box CRM for a basic product? I'm glad you asked. Hop over HERE and read more about it! But the short and sweet of it came down to:
• When I polled my clients, I discovered they didn't like the CRM I was using.
• I wanted to take ownership of my process, not relying on a third party to keep my planning tools safe.
• I found that MOBs or other collaborators were changing and / or losing information. I can recover this in Drive. 
• I needed a way to back up my documents (other than a PDF) and Drive gives me that option. 

Have you asked your clients what they think? HERE is a great survey you can send them! 

What will you find inside?
• Folders
• Pre-designed headers to keep or customize
• Canva Template for branding   
• Checklist functionality
• Formulas in the guest and budget tracking tools 
• Tutorials 

Additionally, you'll be given tech support to assist during your set up process. And here's a fun fact, what I've done here will save you an estimated 40 hours; not to mention the 10 years of experience it took for me to develop the Kits as they are, in the first place.

You can purchase the Refine Portal as it comes with the Wedding Planning Process Kit, with the full Template Kit Bundle or as an upgrade to the Wedding Process Kit you already own. This has to be done manually so to get started, select "Upgrade Me" below to start the conversation. 

The Refine Portal is non-refundable. Please know upfront if you are comfortable with Google Drive as our integration platform. 

Client Education Kit

Refine Planning Portal

It's time your portfolio starts reflecting your true style. This kit was created with your needs in mind and will allow you to be the authority on design with your clients, upselling your services and getting the images you want and need to uplevel your business.

Design Kit


Again, efficiency, efficiency, efficiency! When it comes to tying the bow on a wedding in the last few weeks, make it easy on yourself with these well considered vendor touch points. This kit will help you comb over all the final details so no stone is left unturned in planning.

Final Reconciliation Kit


Why do the work when your client can do it for you? Real question. Stop using forms and questionnaires! Have them fill out your actual wedding day documents in this trimmed down version of the Wedding Planning Process Kit.

Mini Wedding Planning Process Kit


It’s not lost on you that you need a workflow but like me, you’re not made of the time and emotional energy it would take to make one. You’re here to fast track the creation of your own wedding planning process!  Get an inside peek here!

Wedding Planning Process Kit


Must have responses to hard to answer emails. Efficient, tactful, to the point email responses dripping in clarity and boundaries. Proving to make you the expert you are all while making you more money as you learn to say “no” to Scope Creep Sally.

Email Template Kit


A made for you system and a process. The Bundle includes...
• Email Template Kit
• Wedding Planning Process Kit
• Final Reconciliation Kit
• Education Kit

The Bundle

Just call me the Amazon for Wedding Planners, just about anything you could possibly need is right here, at your fingertips to instantly click, buy, and use. 

stop dreading your clients

With these templates, I went from dreading my clients to loving them! My process trains them to plan properly, meet deadlines, understand their contract and treat me with respect.

The only thing holding you back from having boundaries and clients that respect you is YOU. That can end today. 

Stop guessing.
Stop wasting time and money.
Stop allowing scope creep.

If you already own the Wedding Planning Process Kit, you simply need to request an Upgrade Link. 

This was designed to pair with the Refine Portal as a landing page, but we are seeing Refiners use it for their own Google Drive system as well as a website for the clients in general. 
This is a Google Drive Template that requires a 15 minute Zoom meeting for our team to install. Take a look at this sneak peek video

Don't see the exact template that you need? Click the link below to let me know what you would like to see added to the Refine shop!

Refine Client Interface

Thank You for your suggestion!

Let me know what's on your template wish list by submitting your idea below!

- Stacy Burleson

"The Refine documents have changed my couples’ impression of my business and has helped add value to justify my large increase in pricing. The price has already paid for itself, tenfold."

- Haylee Handly

"If I had known about this when I started, it would have saved me from SO many mistakes and learning curves. It's taken me years to learn so much of what Amber has provided. If you're more seasoned and need a process refresh, want to update your entire system, or feel like you're just missing something, purchase this kit! You won't regret it!"

- Becky Hart

"I have been planning for 7 years but still found the Wedding Planning Process kit incredibly valuable. It has helped me to fill some "holes" in my process. Thank you so much for putting this together, it's seriously a fantastic resource at a reasonable price point!! I only wish I had bought it sooner."  

- Savannah Shades

"The Wedding Day Processing Kit that I bought has been life changing for my business. I bought it during my busy wedding season and it helped so much to start the process of implementing more structure to my business and was so quick and easy to implement."

- Jilian Becker

"The Refine Kit saved me countless hours while starting my business. I was initially turned off by the pricing and spent way more time and energy on trying to create the perfect system. Save yourself the trouble and download the Refine Kit immediately!"

- Nicholette Inman

"I'd spent weeks worrying about how to get a better system and organized, and within a few days I was able to create a process moving into the new year that I'm excited about thanks to Amber's kits."

- Ginny Greene

"I thought about buying the Planning Process Kit for a long time and when I finally did, I wished I'd done it sooner! Things are so much more organized and streamlined now, and I feel more confident about what goes on behind the scenes in my business."

- Faith Hepner

"The Refine content SAVED ME. I got help implementing workflows and processes so I could clearly communicate things to my clients. Not only that, I doubled my rates for next year and have already met my revenue goals. It's worth every cent!"

Curious about what past purchasers had to say about their Refine Template Kit purchase?

Yup, that's the beauty! Developing a system took years for me.

My templates are boring ole Word documents because like you, I understand you don’t have time to fuss with those beautiful PDFs I could otherwise provide.

After tweaking for your own regional needs, you can implement these immediately, even in busy season. Copy + Paste or upload to your favorite CRM and you are in action! The only non-refundable option is the Refine Planning Portal.

• in year 0-4 of business
• seeking a system, no matter the year of biz
• seeking training tools for new hires
• seeking tactful responses to difficult situations

According to our surveys, planners at all levels are benefiting from the kits!

But ultimately, these kits are designed for those:

I hear you friend! And that’s why I offer a money back guarantee on every except the Refine Portal. You need to feel safe in the investments you make. With the Portal, you need to know upfront if you are comfortable with Google Drive and the use of Tech Awakening as our 3rd party integration provider.

Stats- In over 400 purchases, only 3 have asked for a refund.

Contact me today! Together, we'll decide which Refine Template kit is the perfect fit for your business' unique needs.

Not sure which template kit is the best fit for you?

The best form for keeping things on track & PROVING to your clients that you did, even the PITAs.

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