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Refine is a community of new and seasoned planners, all looking to make a difference in our industry.

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Refine provides educational resources & community for wedding planners just like you.

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• Attract clients you love
• Achieve work-life balance (because I do believe it exists, I live it!)
• And make an actual profit

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Backed by 11k wedding pros and with a Facebook group of 4k wedding planners, Refine has birthed a community - tailor made to support you in working through whichever season you're experiencing in growing your wedding planning business.

With Refine, everything is in one place.

I see you, friend! You're drowning in cherry picked education, podcasts, webinars, and blogs.

Wedding & Event planner of 10+ years, & your fearless leader.

Hi! I'm Amber.

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The Refine education is available through a self-learning video course, coaching, templates, & intimate workations.

No matter your learning style, we have a resource for you.

-Kierstin Shupack

"Amber has a lot of sage and practical advice. She is very open and willing to help newer planners. She was very transparent regarding policies that worked well and ones that didn't. She even shared a fantastic template for a timeline that I still use to this day! She is a wonderful mentor and leader!" 

- Danielle Pasternak

“As a Self-Proclaimed “Course Junkie”, I’ve done a good handful and can fully vouch for Refine as one of the best out there, actually teaching practical aspects (vs. just a bunch of stuff you can find on Google.)”

- shandra Cornelia

"Joining the Refine Collective has been one of the best things I've done this year. 
Before joining, I was feeling like I had Zoom and information-fatigue.
But instead of feeling like 'just another to do', the Refine Collective has made it easy to have accountability and tackle different things step by step."

- Cassie Crudo

"Amber took the time to sit down with me and share knowledge, friendship, and experience to help me understand the market. She is honest and has an actual interest in making my business thrive. She is the epitome of building community over competition."

- Jennifer Ashford

"I can always count on Amber to help with wording in tough situations. Her way with words is a comfort as she balances educating a client with empathy.”

Read what a few of our Refine members have to say about their experiences.

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