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You Don’t Have to do Things the Hard Way

I made a pretty big trail mistake on a hike this summer that landed me in a boulder field with quite the vertical, overhanging a lake.

I was with an accomplished ultra-runner that navigates rocks like it’s her j.o.b. She offered to come get my pack because it was throwing my balance.

But it made me really mad to think about needing help. I’m tough. I do hard things. I could make it across.

I had a choice though, I could do a hard thing “the hard way” (with my pack), or I could do a hard thing an easier way.

Sure, I could have kept going and may have been fine. But why? What if I hadn’t been fine?! I’ve been hiking and adventuring my whole life. But in that moment, she had a skill I wasn’t as proficient in… she had something to offer.

2020 has been about overcoming hard things. But it’s my belief that we don’t have to do it “the hard way.” Whether we are new to wedding planning or have been doing this for ages, someone has something to offer to each of us.

What we experienced earlier this year was undeniably the hardest thing our industry may ever experience. And if/when we have another round of it in 2021, we will have learned from our 2020 mistakes- contract language, giving back too much money, postponement processes, etc. It won’t be as hard. Hard… yes… but
different hard.

And we will have choices to make.

I see two types of Refiners:

1. The kind that leaned into the community of Refine this year and
gave it all they could to set themselves up for survival. These Refiners are far more likely to pull through this.

2. The kind that hasn’t paid attention, hasn’t leaned in or been proactive… and continues to ask the questions we spent months covering. Your work is cut out for you! BUT, I have good news, you still stand to succeed if yes, you put in that work.

Both 1 and 2 are hard. But 2 is so much harder.

So my question here is:

Are you crossing the boulders alone? And have you thought about the outcome if even ONE rock slips out of place, taking you with it?

You don’t have to cross the boulders alone. The resources in Refine,
from not just me, but from thousands of generous responses over the years are here for you. But it does require that you dig in and pay attention.

Motivation and passion is low right now. Leaning in and / or paying
attention has never been harder. But those things are going to be the difference between life or death for your business over the next year.

If you’re seeking to take what you see in this free group to the next level, where you’ll be encouraged in a whole new way, consider joining the Refine Collective.

Check out what Melissa Brown has to say:

“I have grown more in the last year, than in my last 9 years together. Because of you, and the group, my confidence and excitement has increased beyond measure. At times when I feel like this is all too much, just popping into the group and reading up on posts …. I get rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day. I’m forever grateful..”



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