Don't see exactly what you need? I’m happy to create content just for your event in mind. Other topics include Creating Staff Loyalty, The Tactful Wedding Planner and Leveraging Vendor Relationships, for example.

My biggest weapon for vetting clients is to observe their level of emotional intelligence in the interview process. I then take it upon myself to continue coaching and training them in this area throughout the engagement so they stay happy and healthy during a stressful season of life. This has reduced my “bridezilla” count and has alleviated so much of my own stress.

The Emotionally Intelligent Couple

Without a process and a system, you’re living on luck and luck doesn’t last forever. Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop and let me walk you through having a process that covers your booty with documentation along the way.

Workflow: Having a Process and a System

Handling a business or client that is in crisis. In this talk, I cover client complaints, life circumstances and general business fires like turnover.

In Crisis Mode

Work-life balance doesn’t have to be a unicorn, it’s not! I live it and you can too. It comes down to defining your own success and realizing that balance doesn’t mean 50/50 at all times.

Having Boundaries

Retreats and workshops are my jam! I adore local organization or chapter meet ups, and find conferences so empowering.

Signature Talks include:


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Media Kit

November 11, 2021

Conference Confident- Las Vegas

December 15, 2021

NACE Virtual Panel

Wedding MBA- Las Vegas

January 17-20, 2022

Refine Retreat- Cancun 

October 4-7, 2021

DWHSA Retreat- Dominican Republic

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November 8-10, 2021

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