We come together so we can grow together and start living this crazy life together.

• Dive into your current brand message, tweaking it to better attract your target audience, so you can actually like your clients.

• Ensure you have the right system and process in place so you can work less and make more.

• Facilitate discussion and insight from the collective decades of experience we all bring to the table.

• Provide time to implement what you’re learning, with guidance and hands on help.

• Blend fun and concentrated work time - the perfect combination for reinvigorating the passion you have for what you do.

• Foster relationships that lend to ongoing encouragement and support. No one “gets” you like a Refiner does.

• Provide a safe space to openly discuss your business and get the help you need - away from your staff, away from competitors, and away from large format vendor groups.

Refine Retreats...

With purpose, I strive to deepen relationships so business growth can happen. What I have witnessed in these gatherings is that in their vulnerabilities is where Refiners are finding the answers to their questions. 

But NO! This isn’t a kumbaya session. No one is given a fire stick and asked to share their deep, dark secrets. Though, the more you share… the more you ask… the more you participate, the more Refined you’ll become. The idea is that when I’m teaching a topic, we each share what we experience in our markets and regions, opening new ideas and possibilities with and for each other. 

The atmosphere created in the intimacy of the Refine Retreats is not accidental.

The friendships.

Does that sound hokey?

Maybe so! But even as an educator and leader, I find safety in these small groups to grow and learn even myself!

Know why I love Refine Retreats?

Refine Retreats are intimate retreats for wedding planners looking to elevate their businesses through learning, community, fun, & focus - the perfect environment for growth!

If that sounds like you, I want you to join me!



Community over competition minded

Positive and encouraging

Engaged and asking questions


Respectful of opinions you oppose

Self-aware and not dominate conversation or speak over others 

The Refine Retreat isn’t for everyone. And that’s okay. But you’re an ideal camper if you’re willing to be:

 *  (Sold out in 45 days!)

2020 Refine Retreat Dates:
• February 9-12. 2020
• April 27-30, 2020

To maintain our intimate size while encouraging growth for as many wedding planners as possible, we have several Refine Retreats scheduled for 2020. Just pick the dates best for you!

The Dates

The land of music, BBQ and UT Football. With an art and foodie scene like no other city, I welcome you to my home! I look forward to hosting you next to 10 miles of hike and bike trails around my beloved Lady Bird Lake, within walking distance of downtown

REFINE RETREATS ARE HELD in Austin, Texas! Conveniently located in the middle of the country.

The Location

April Early bird has expired.
July early bird expires January 1st.

This is just what I need!

8:00 – Breakfast at leisure (provided) 

9-11:00 - Session 8 Problem solving: troubleshooting, inclement weather plans, emergency kits, relationships with other planners, back up plans

11-12:00- Pack / Lunch (provided)

12:00- Depart 

Day 4

8:00 – Breakfast at leisure (provided) 

9-11:00 - Session 5 How to Plan a Wedding (each person shares their current process through guided conversation)

11-1:00 – Lunch (provided) + Free Work Time 

1-3:00 - Session 6 Hiring and Scaling 

3-4:00 - Free Work Time 

4-6:00- Session 7 Vendor relationships: getting on preferred lists, handling them asking to be on your list, pics from photographers, confronting issues with vendors 

6:00- Free Work Time 

7:00- Dinner at the house (provided)

8:00 - Go out for live music or dancing! 

10:30 - Lights out in “Quiet House”

Day 3

8:00 – Breakfast at leisure (provided) 

9-11:00 - Session 2 Communicating Value, Sales, Overcoming Objections 

11-1:00 – Lunch (provided) + Free Work Time 

1-3:00 - Session 3 Contracts, Protections, Clear Expectations, CYA and Documentation 

3-4:00 - Free Work Time 

4-6:00- Session 4 Handling difficult clients: ensuring they use your process, keeping meetings on track, managing mom or others wanting to be involved

6:00- Free Work Time 

7:00- Dinner out on the town (dutch treat)

10:30 - Lights out in “Quiet House”

Day 2

4:00 – Arrive and get settled 

5:00 - Happy Hour for dinner + drinks (dutch treat)

6:30 - 8:30 - Session 1 Target Audience / Brand Audits 

8:30 – 9:30 Evening snack (provided) and optional guided discussion: Services we offer, pricing, added streams of revenue. 

10:30 - Lights out in “Quiet House”

Day 1

Great question! Here is my current outline but if you don’t see what you need, let me know! I’m totally open to feedback so we can make this exactly what each Refiner needs from their time with me.

What's the Refine Retreat Schedule?

Ok, I'm ready. Let's do this!

In a recent survey that I conducted regarding Wedding Planner revenue and income, Becky ranks as one of the top earners. As the owner of Becky's Brides in Birmingham, Alabama, Becky is no stranger to Refine. She is an active member of our community and is going to spend time talking with us about how she has been successful in her pricing and profit margins. *April retreat only!

• April Bonus! Special Guest, Becky Baker!

• Access to the Refine Course to train your staff for $200 (a $325 discount)

*If you have purchased this within the last 90 days, you will be reimbursed. This is not factored into my overhead cost of the retreat but it's a fun perk for sure!*

• 3 Nights of Lodging

• Most Meals (all but 2!)

• Private Facebook Group Mastermind

• Template Bundle Kit ($250 value)

What's included?

Take a glimpse into the Refine Retreat Experience

- Ashlee Martinelli

"The knowledge I brought back from the REFINE workshop has changed my business, and my life! I went from being the one doing everything, to having a system for this and processes for all of that! Thank you, Amber. I am forever grateful for the lessons I learned by attending your workshop, the friendships made during that time and the life that I’ve regained by implementing your systems, strategies and workflow as training tools in my business."

- Kate Carol

"The Refine Workshop in Austin was incredibly beneficial to me and my company.  The time spent discussing, collaborating, and learning together was well worth the investment.  I left the workshop feeling empowered and confident, with a ton of new strategies that are easily implementable.  If you're hesitating to attend one of Amber's workshops, I highly recommend attending one.  Invest in yourself!"

- Nikki Chambers

"The workshop helped me grow in ways that I knew I needed, but didn’t know how to accomplish, or have the time to execute. But streamlining my processes has allowed me to find time to work on other projects!"

- Melanie Barker

"I honestly couldn’t have rebranded without my workshop Refiners in my corner, offering constructive feedback and new ways to communicate, sell myself and tell my story."

Curious about what past Refine Retreat attendees had to share about their experiences?

For the February retreat, I only had 3 seats left once I opened it to the public after introducing the dates to our existing Refine community. One sold immediately and the others over the couple of weeks that followed. All in 45 days!

April also almost sold out with around 45 days of pre-sale. 

Don't miss your moment!  Click the link below to snag your seat today.

• $300 deposit
• Mid payment due January 1st for April retreat and February 15th for the July retreat. (amount varies based on type of room selected)
• Final payment is due March 1st for the April retreat and June 1 for the July retreat. (amount varies based on type of room selected)

Payment plans are ONLY available through Monday, December 2 until midnight CST.

How does the payment plan work?

• All purchases are non-refundable
• Tickets are transferable (restrictions apply).
• If I cancel for any reason, you will be fully refunded.

No! In fact, parking is limited and reserved for our local students. The house is a 20 minute Uber ride from the airport and we will otherwise share rides to dinner or evenings out, all under 5-10 minutes. 

You are welcome to stay in a hotel (or with family or friends!) and purchase a “local” ticket if you prefer.

I selected the VRBO route because when doing hotels, I found that attendees wanted more time together. To get that, they gathered in the hotel lobbies till early morning hours to connect, build and grow. Having a more comfortable space for this is my goal! I found that the attendees willing to pour all their time into being with each other were the ones that grew the most. But private rooms still allow for time alone and away!

As a gal that likes to eat, that just so happens to have my own special food needs, I’ve got you covered.

All but two meals are covered and I was even intentional about that because by NOT covering them, I can keep your cost down. I know some attendees would rather order a reasonably priced meal while others are coming to splurge so I’m removing catering expenses and keeping you in control.

After registering, I have a form asking about dietary restrictions so I can make sure your needs are met. We will also have a full kitchen if you prefer to bring your own food. If doing this, I can reduce your ticket cost.

Join the Refine community today by signing up for your Refine Retreat experience. Let's elevate your wedding planning business together!

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."

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