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Hire That Wedding Videographer, Now.


One of the biggest regrets that couples have after their wedding isn’t what dinner option they chose, but that they wished they had hired a videographer! Adding another vendor on top of your growing list might sound like too much at first – but we promise, you are going to LOVE having one! In fact, we think that hiring the perfect videographer is just as important as the right photographer. Having the recording of your vows and first dances, these are moments that go by quickly and typically with nerves, seem like a blur right after. Your wedding day is going to go by so fast – you are going to want to relive it! We are going to share all the reasons you need a videographer!

Why You Need a Videographer

First things first: a videographer is just as important as a great photographer. Video captures movement, voices, and moments that a still photo just can’t. One day you will want to hear certain people’s voices, and remember your vows word for word. This is one of our client’s most fond memories – the sound of their dad as they walk down the aisle, your grandma’s sweet laugh, and the voices of your friends toasting. And let’s be honest: we all want to see your friend’s bad-ass dance moves one more time.

You’ll never get to see your fiancé, bridal party, or possibly your dog (if it’s a REALLY good wedding…) walk down the aisle. You won’t even be able to see yourself walking down the aisle! I love watching my wedding video and seeing my dogs pulling my niece and nephew down the aisle… it’s the best! I also loved the way my groom greeted our guests with smiles, tongue out, peace signs…all of the things. I would never have seen that had I not had video. I also would have missed my mother walking down, her mimosa sloshing out of her glass (yes, she carried an actual, full mimosa down the aisle with her). These are the kind of memories you will remember, and a video captures that!

And with today’s climate and weddings being downsized, this is a piece you can share with all of your family and friends who couldn’t be there. This is especially important for older guests who might not be able to attend! And even if you decide to elope, or do a micro-wedding, your video will be cherished no matter how many guests you have!

Trust us: you will want to watch your wedding video again and again. Anyone who tells you they don’t is lying.

Videographer Budget

Alright, let’s talk about the budget. We are about to talk about some real numbers, so I want you to pay attention! A videographer on average is 6-7% of your budget. You also get what you pay for. If you hire someone who is not experienced and established in the wedding industry to save a few bucks, just know that you also may be watching the back of uncle Timmy’s head while you are saying your vows. And if you are lucky, you’ll actually be able to hear those vows on the video afterward. (Trust us – we have heard some horror stories of cheap videographers that didn’t even capture the vows on audio!)

Also, will that videographer even show up on time? Or at all? Trust us, we’ve seen it all. Don’t skimp here. We aren’t saying this has to be your splurge item (or maybe it is!), but it needs to be taken as seriously as your photographer. That is why we suggest 6-7% of your budget going to video.

One more thing: do not ask your videographer if they can give you a discount to shoot a 3-minute highlight reel, and that’s all you want. Your videographer will still need to be there for 8+ hours, spend hours behind the scenes editing 8 hours of content into 3-minutes. And that doesn’t even include traveling to get there. Just because you want the content edited down shorter does not mean they are doing any less work, in some cases, it’s even more work!

What To Ask Your Videographer

Now that you know you are ready to book a videographer, here are a few questions to ask and keep in mind as you find the perfect one!

  • Ask how the video is provided, is it USB, DVD, digital links? Do you get multiple copies to share with family, or is that something you have permission to do?

  • How long will you have access to it if it’s a digital link?

  • What type of footage will you receive?

  • How many hours are included?

  • How long are the final videos (do you get a 3-minute edit plus a 10-minute extended version?)

Photos courtesy of Mountain Peak Studios (Instagram: @MountainPeakStudios)

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