Have questions! Email me at amber@refineforweddingplanners.com. I won’t always see a private FB message.

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Have questions! Email me at amber@refineforweddingplanners.com. I won’t always see a private FB message. 

7. Please keep local and regional related questions on the LOCAL threads that will be provided several times a month. We otherwise encourage you to join groups specific to the city or region you need assistance in. 

REFINE is hosted by me, Amber Anderson, and moderated by me + the REFINE Administrators: Hailey Nichols, Renée Dalo and Joe Rogers. As such, their successes will be highlighted and they may self-promote in exchange for their time and assistance.

First offense, post is deleted. Second, a message will be sent. Third, you'll be removed from the group.

Do not post requests for local searches and needs. All locally specific vendor, rental, venue (etc) searches are encouraged to be done on boards specific to that region.

If wanting to refer a Refiner to a potential client, please feel free to post.

If seeking an assistant or wanting to assist, please search #RefinersColloborate for the appropriate thread.

5. Please do not screen shot things from this board and share outside of this board. Please also do not share screen shots from other boards here in Refine. We truly respect privacy and confidentiality.

4. Going LIVE without permission is not allowed.

3. No "mini blog posts" or "lessons" are allowed. They will be deleted if you post them. So many of you are eager to share your knowledge and default to posting mini-lessons in the main feed. Instead of posting a long note/lesson, use the search function to find people who are already asking for help and comment on their posts.

2. Absolutely NO: Hate Speech, Bashing, Bullying, Slander, etc. We aren't here to make fun of brides, their moms, other vendors, new planners, etc. Let's keep conversations KIND & PRODUCTIVE.

I have zero tolerance for this and will make a judgement call in the moment. That may involve simply deleting a post, sending a message or removal from the group.

1. Please, NO: Self-Promotion via subtle or blatant tactics (I see you 👀), Product Launches, Course Launches, Solicitations or Announcements for Free Practice or Products that you plan to eventually sell, Sales Pitches, Promotion of other FB Groups, Newsletter Sign-ups, Discount Codes, Giveaways or Affiliate Links.

Self Promotion is defined as- anything listed above + linking your blog posts, your published weddings, announcing your workshop or backwards ways of asking a question that essentially are self promotion. For example, as a VA, please do not ask what services we would like to see offered (I see your subtle tactic to announce that you’re a VA). 

If someone requests a service that you offer, you may then reply with your services. Discount codes may only be given if they are not codes already provided by Refine. 

***this is in place to keep the board from turning into a sales board or feeling pushy and protecting the airwaves so that your questions are seen***

Alright, robotic guidelines... wa waaaa....

GAW, I hate rules. Like bad. But these truly are in place to make sure we have a positive experience. Don't understand one of them?? Send a message. Without moderating these groups, it can be hard to have the context as to why these parameters are critical. I'd super love your trust on that.

FOR: Exclusively for Wedding Planners seeking Community over Competition! 
PURPOSE: Learn, grow and ENCOURAGE! Give, give, give = get!

#REFINERS Facebook Group Guidelines

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