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wedding planners are heroes

Event Planners: The Fabric of America

You’re the real MVPs.

You have all done such a fantastic job keeping our country as safe and healthy as possible. You are unrecognized heroes.

Our doctors, nurses, teachers, food workers, mail carriers, etc may be in the media headlines… but you my friends are truly on the front lines as well.

You have helped usher in joy for people in a hazardous year for mental health. You have been the reason for their one moment of sunshine this year. You have helped salvage hundreds of thousands of dollars for your couples that were standing to lose it all. YOU have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

Your safety measures have kept that one grandmother from dying. You have lessened the burden on our doctors by having a backbone and enforcing high standards.

Many of you have even gotten COVID due to the negligence and selfishness of those you are trying to serve safely.

Our country is built on events. From the person that manages the T-Ball field schedule to parties in the White House, WE are the fabric of a country built on freedom, gatherings and community.

So with that, welcome to the holidays. May you find moments of sunshine and joy to restore your heart and soul.

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