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Episode 20: Navigating Pregnancy and Having a Baby as a Wedding Planner

In this episode, I talk about starting a family and navigating pregnancy + maternity leave. This is the longest episode we’ve ever had, but still under an hour. This is a very sensitive topic, with a lot of emotions involved and I recognize that we can all come to the table with differing viewpoints. I do share a lot of hard pills to swallow, but it’s my experience that these talking points can change someone’s life. So I’d rather us get a little uncomfortable than risk the downfalls of sugar coating in this area.

We cover the following in our chat:

  • To plan or not plan around busy season
  • Telling your clients and vendor partners
  • Sales and Tradeshows
  • Responding to questions and concerns
  • Having a plan in place for emergencies while pregnant, near due date and post partum
  • Maternity leave
  • The wedding day itself
  • And last but not least, we talk about hormones, vaginas and all the real stuff


Remember, your story can be someone else’s survival guide! These are the things women need to be talking about together.

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