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In this episode, I talk about starting a family and navigating pregnancy + maternity leave. This is the longest episode we’ve ever had, but still under an hour. This is a very sensitive topic, with a lot of emotions involved and I recognize that we can all come to the table with differing viewpoints. I […]

Episode 20: Navigating Pregnancy and Having a Baby as a Wedding Planner

In this episode, I’m talking about the needs of pregnant or nursing/pumping wedding pros and guests. This episode is for any and all serving in the events industry, as these are things we all encounter and can do to better in our industry.   We cover the following in our chat: Spatial considerations Timeline considerations […]

Episode 19: Accommodations for Pregnant or Nursing Wedding Pros and Guests

In this episode, I’m talking with my dear friend, Cassie Crudo, about the conflicting balance of going through a divorce while planning weddings for others. We cover the following in our chat: Cassie’s story as a wedding planner experiencing loss through divorce Her self care tips and tactics Talking to your team, clients and other […]

Episode 18: Going Through a Divorce as a Wedding Pro with Cassie Crudo

In this episode, we talk about the importance of couples doing their part and that it’s okay for you to train and hold them accountable to that. We cover the following in our chat: Communicating deadlines and consequences for missing them Incorporating contract reminders into your process How phase-based planning reduces overwhelm How being consistent, […]

Episode 17: Holding Your Couples Accountable to Doing Their Part

In this episode, I want to briefly touch on knowing before buying. I often find that consumers are feeling burned by products or courses they’ve bought in the past. We cover the following in our chat: What to look for in an educator What to look for in their community The importance of truly reading […]

Episode 16: Vetting the Education That You Buy

ARTICLE BY REFINE COLLECTIVE MEMBER: KIM SIRKIN OF BLUE SATIN BEE, IN SOUTHPORT, NORTH CAROLINA We might be biased, but we think Coastal North Carolina is one of the most beautiful places to get married. With miles of beautiful beaches, scenic shorelines, and pretty inland waterways, we try as much as possible to think about […]

Collective Contributor: Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

In this episode, I want to help bridge some gaps between planners and wedding pros in general that I think cause the “bridezilla” moments along the way. We cover the following in our chat: Why I don’t like the term “bridezilla” The duplicative nature of our systems and processes, which cause more work and end […]

Episode 15: Wedding Pros You Are Creating Bridezillas

In this episode, I’m hitting us hard with things we should reassess in our own consumer behavior. We cover the following in our chat: Two central things I’m noticing in our behavior That humans make mistakes, it’s the pattern we want to avoid A list of things we should reconsider doing To access my email […]

Episode 14: Stop Doing These Things – Be the Consumer You Want to Attract

In a turning point for our country, the landscape of operating a business has been forever changed. The rules have been tossed out the window and tradition is no longer. “Professional” is open to interpretation and being personable is the new path to success. The current working class is comprised of 3 main generations, all […]

Why Politics Belong in our Businesses

In this episode of Refine for Wedding Planners, I ’m walking you through the importance of creating an email sequence for your couples in the sales process! We cover the following in our chat: Why you need to create this email sequence What type of content should be included in these emails How to make […]

Episode 13: Email Sequences To Land the Sale

The best form for keeping things on track & PROVING to your clients that you did, even the PITAs.

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