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Hi! I’m Amber, leader of Refine for Wedding Planners and I hope you are able to get the support you need here. We are a very encouraging group of planners that live to support each other as we learn and grow in our businesses. But let’s get right to it! You have zero time for […]

COVID-19 Email Templates for Wedding Planners

Today, I had the pleasure of chatting with Jenny Demarco about some of the greatest grievances between planners and photographers.     And of course, while recording- my husband surprised me by coming home for lunch as today is our anniversary! And alas, I lost the recording when he started streaming something, not realizing I […]

Navigating Conflict Between Planners and Photographers

Are you a new wedding planner that planned your own wedding and decided you really love it so you jumped into it as a career? I’m going to pick on you in this post, only because it’s a stereotype and the odds are, that’s how most of us got started. That’s actually how I became […]

How to become a Wedding Planner

Due to health (Lyme’s Disease once upon a time and severe post-partum depression), I’ve had much harder years. Though, this is the first “hard year” I’ve had that was paired with the business systems I implemented in the last couple of years and y’all, I conquered this MFer like a boss. I can see the […]

My 2018 Year in Review

I’m blown away at the mercies REFINE has brought to my family and want to thank you all for believing in me. The Black Friday sale produced what is typically 2-3 months of income for me. In one week. I can’t express to you what a blessing it is to have reached this point in […]

Thank you!

I love talking about vendor relationships. Friendors are the lifeline of my business. I mean I’m all about advertising but with friendors, I really don’t have to do much of it. They are my bread and butter and you better know I treat them like it. These relationships didn’t happen overnight but if you’re a […]

12 Ways to Build Strong Vendor Relationships as a Wedding Planner

Being emotionally available to a client establishes trust and connectivity and one reason that benefits you is that when something does go wrong, they are less likely to snap at you. They will identify you as a human that cares about them and has genuinely given this process your best effort. 

Checking on Your Client’s Emotional Well-Being (it benefits YOU)

PITA. Bridezilla. Rouge. MIA. <- we’ve all had these types of clients and the end result is that they inevitably blame us for things way beyond our control.

The one that haunts me the most …..

3 Ways to CYA as a Wedding Planner

But as a planner, I want to know what I’m getting myself into. If you’ve not been to Wedding MBA, here are my top tips for getting the most out of your experience!

Tips for Success When Attending Wedding MBA

The best form for keeping things on track & PROVING to your clients that you did, even the PITAs.

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