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In this episode, I’m hitting us hard with things we should reassess in our own consumer behavior. We cover the following in our chat: Two central things I’m noticing in our behavior That humans make mistakes, it’s the pattern we want to avoid A list of things we should reconsider doing To access my email […]

Episode 14: Stop Doing These Things – Be the Consumer You Want to Attract

In a turning point for our country, the landscape of operating a business has been forever changed. The rules have been tossed out the window and tradition is no longer. “Professional” is open to interpretation and being personable is the new path to success. The current working class is comprised of 3 main generations, all […]

Why Politics Belong in our Businesses

In this episode of Refine for Wedding Planners, I ’m walking you through the importance of creating an email sequence for your couples in the sales process! We cover the following in our chat: Why you need to create this email sequence What type of content should be included in these emails How to make […]

Episode 13: Email Sequences To Land the Sale

ARTICLE BY REFINE COLLECTIVE MEMBER: CINDY SAVAGE OF AISLE LESS TRAVELED IN SEATLLE, WASHINGTON.  So, I was browsing a wedding group on Facebook today, like I do, and a frequently-asked-question came up: How much does a day-of-coordinator cost? I popped in with my standard reply: that most experienced professionals charge $2000-$3000 for Wedding Management and that planners who travel (like me) […]

Collective Contributor: Why are Wedding Planners so “Expensive”?

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In this episode of Refine for Wedding Planners, I am covering wedding pro collaboration! We cover the following in our chat: Be the consumer you want to attract. Be mindful of value and proper education / language around this. How to ask for collaborations. How to say no to collaborations. Find this episode helpful? Please […]

Episode 12: The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Pro Collaboration

In this episode of Refine for Wedding Planners, we are discussing working with people we know, whether this is a good idea and things to consider if doing it! We cover the following in our chat: · My experience in planning for those I know. · General outcomes that are commonly reported as happening · […]

Episode 11: Why I Don’t Work with Family and Friends

In this episode of Refine for Wedding Planners, I’m chatting with Alyssa Glorioso, a new Refiner, but a seasoned wedding & event planner. We cover the following in our chat: How her logistics background makes here a great planner Why taking on a side gig helped grow her own biz Who helped her discover Refine […]

Episode 10: Success, Side Gigs and Facebook Groups with Guest Alyssa Glorioso

Article by Refine Collective Member: Berlyn Martin of Berlyn Events in Columbus, Ohio.  SO, YOU WANT TO BE A WEDDING PLANNER. Maybe you’re graduating college looking for that next step. Maybe you’ve been working in events in a different capacity for years, or you enjoyed planning your own wedding so much you’ve decided to make it […]

Collective Contributor: Do You Have What it Takes to be a Wedding Planner?

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In this episode of Refine for Wedding Planners, I’m sharing how to respond to all those coffee date requests you get from wedding vendors seeking to be on your preferred list! We cover the following in our chat: My email response The hidden tab on our website, outlining our process for meeting vendors: This […]

Episode 09. How to Handle Coffee Date Requests

I made a pretty big trail mistake on a hike this summer that landed me in a boulder field with quite the vertical, overhanging a lake. I was with an accomplished ultra-runner that navigates rocks like it’s her j.o.b. She offered to come get my pack because it was throwing my balance. But it made […]

You Don’t Have to do Things the Hard Way

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The best form for keeping things on track & PROVING to your clients that you did, even the PITAs.

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