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In this episode, I talk about taking personal, buddies, or group time to turn off all the distractions and get as much done as you can! We cover the following in our chat: – What is a Workcation – Where to do one – How to structure it – Alone? With someone? With a group? […]

Episode 31: Workcations

In this episode, I share my hack for managing the overwhelm you feel when someone asks for time on your calendar. I talk about: Stacking Color Coding Responses Defensively monitoring the days and weeks surrounding each request Taking control of your schedule Don’t forget to like, share and review the Refine Podcast for Wedding Planners!

Episode 30: Defensive Calendaring

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED OUT OF A WEDDING PARTY? Don’t worry, I have. Want to know why????? Because I couldn’t make it to the rehearsal… on a Wednesday… at 1pm… in another state. I’m sorry, you what… don’t want me to be a bridesmaid anymore? So incredibly hurtful, self-centric and offensive in every way […]

Couples: Tips for Wedding Rehearsal Success

ARTICLE BY COLLECTIVE MEMBER: LAUREN O’BRIEN OF LAUREN O AND CO. Ah, the wedding guest list. The task that you’ve been dreading but must happen. We know, we know. We want to plan the pretty too but the wedding guest list happens first. You see because we know you hired a dope wedding planner, and […]

Wedding Guest List – Do’s And Do

ARTICLE BY COLLECTIVE MEMBER: LAUREN O’BRIEN OF LAUREN O AND CO. What is Hotel Blocking? Okay, let’s rewind, because I know we just jumped into things. What is hotel blocking? This is a common wedding practice where you reserve a length of rooms at one or two local hotels so guests will be within a […]

The Hotel Blocking Hustle!

ARTICLE BY COLLECTIVE MEMBER: KATY PADILLA OF SCARLET ROSE EVENT PLANNING You’re newly engaged and staring at that sparkly ring on your finger as you type into your Google search bar, ‘day of wedding coordinator.’ My hope is that result leads you to this (or another) blog that tells you: NOPE. Say it with me […]

Why “Day-Of” Coordination Isn’t a Real Thing

ARTICLE BY COLLECTIVE MEMBER: KRISTI FIOLA OF WEDDINGS WITH VERVE One of the biggest regrets that couples have after their wedding isn’t what dinner option they chose, but that they wished they had hired a videographer! Adding another vendor on top of your growing list might sound like too much at first – but we […]

Hire That Wedding Videographer, Now.

ARTICLE BY COLLECTIVE MEMBER: SHELLIE REID WARNER OF REL(EVENT) PLANNING The ring is on your finger and it’s time to capture the love between the two of you now that you are engaged!  Engagement photos can be so much fun and a great way to get to know the photographer you will be working with on […]

You’re Engaged! Smile! Click!

In this episode of Refine for Wedding Planners, I’m chatting with Joe Rogers, a fellow Refiner and seasoned wedding & event planner, all about working with influencers and celebrities. We cover the following in our chat: What it’s like to work with influencers (quirks and all) How to handle the billing & branding A mindset […]

Episode 29. How to Respond to Influencers Wanting Discounted or Free Services | Refine For Wedding Planners with Amber Anderson

In this episode, we discuss how our industry has had some really fantastic conversations about inclusion and diversity over the last couple of years. We still have a lot of work to do, and in this episode, I want to highlight a few overlooked areas. In this conversation, we talk about: Not taking away from […]

Episode 28: Inclusivity Involves More Than Just Race or Orientation | Refine For Wedding Planners with Amber Anderson

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